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Bamboo & Wooden Crafts

Product from rattan, wood mix with metal and anything.
Various baskets and reed screens.
Gift and craft from bamboo, rattan, awn, grass, hemp, couch grass, wooden products, products for christmas, willow etc.
Middling and top-grade wooden and bamboo products.
Dart board, clock, wooden article.
Wooden products ; music box, stationery, etc.
Tables & Stools, Shelves & Room Screens, Boxes, Photo Frames, Stationeries & Toys, Cabinets, Lacquerworks and more.
Wooden crafts; table, chairs, pen holder, etc.
Wooden handicraft.
Frames with painting.
Funitures, shadow boxes, photo frames and more.
Chinese culture characteristic ; bamboo slip, this book and the medal.
Wooden, egance&sets, desktop stand, mirror&promotional.
Wooden Picture Frames/ Frames With Mirrors/ Picture Molding.