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What Makes an Outstanding Business Card

A business card that finds its place in the trash as soon as you turn your back is not going to help you much. Your business card is very crucial when you want to increase your contacts and spread your business. It can play a key role in the success or otherwise of your business.

To be an effective business tool, a business card needs to be truly outstanding. It is very important to know the secrets of designing a business card that will win you clients and earn you profits in jet speed.

Secrets of an effective business card

An uncomplicated and neat design proclaims that you care about the first impression. A design devoid of clutter is sure to declare your professionalism to anybody who lays his hand on your business card.

The first and the most important purpose of designing a business card, is to make sure that people contact you. The contact information should be very clearly given out in the business card. We find loads of business cards that have extravagant color schemes and stylish fonts completely hiding the essential contact details. It is advice that even poorly designed business cards can take. Even if you cannot afford expensive materials, make sure that your business card will let people contact you.

The size of a business card should not be more than that of standard business cards. If people have difficulty in keeping it inside a wallet or holder, it is likely to get lost.

The company name should be present in bold letters so that the name gets firmly locked inside the reader’s mind. The font should not be too flashy or fancy, as that might create an adverse effect in the mind of conventional business people.

The card will have an added edge if, the name of the company is accompanied by a visual identifier for the company. It can be the emblem or logo of the company.

A business card where the nature of the business or the operations of the company are mentioned in three or four punctuated words just beneath the company name, provides the reader with every information at the first glance itself. These three or four descriptive words should preferably be in capital letters but in smaller and lighter font than the company name. The words should be crisp and pertinent so that they can hit the bull’s eye. Business cards with descriptive words generally impress people and thus stay in wallets as well as in minds.

The style of the card should perfectly go with your business and industry. It should also match your personal temperament. If you have an aquarium shop and are handing out a somber gray and white business card, it will not make the desired effect. On the contrary, if you hand out a card with a light blue base and two small deep blue fish partially overlapping one another at the bottom left corner, the card is bound to create a long-lasting effect on the reader’s mind.

A business card is as important as the tie you wear and the cell phone you carry, if not more. It is very important for a business card to make a good first impression. So, go for a clear, subtle and crisp business card to ensure that it wins you routstanding business. It is not too difficult to do this in United Kingdom, just you need to stop by the online printing shop 123Print which is your source for high-quality business cards.

Beside business cards, 123Print aslo offers a wide range of other personalised cards such as appointment cards, letterhead, compliment slips, address labels, note pads, and greeting cards and more. 123Print makes customising and ordering online fast and easy. With affordable quick printing services, 123Print guarantees your satisfaction 100%.

Most of the companies prefer to work with some local print shops instead of online printing mediums. The online business printing companies are specialized in offering versatile variety of design options, cheap prices, high quality, great customer service support etc. Their designing procedures are easy to use and handle. As per a research, online printing companies have more design options as compared to local print shops. Business cards are the gateway to success and with ideal business card; you can be ahead in this competitive era. 123Print has a reputed name as online business card service provider.

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